A Partner of Choice

Quantum Wealth SA is a Swiss independent and private wealth management company fully dedicated to servicing high net worth individuals and their families.

We offer you the full range of services you would expect from a trusted financial advisor, including access to the best investment solutions and banks as well as to a network of experts and professionals available in the market today. Located in the Swiss financial hub of Lugano, we also offer the safety, continuity and expertise of one of the world’s most sophisticated and secure financial centers.

As a completely independent organization, we also collaborate closely with the Quantum Global Group of companies. This means that, along with our experience and skills as wealth managers, we benefit from the strength, financial expertise and capabilities of Quantum Global Group, including the strategic guidance of its prominent Advisory Board.


Since Quantum Wealth’s establishment in 2011, we have been a trusted investment partner, focused on the long-term success of our clients. Our unique approach is characterized by exceptional cultural awareness, outstanding and detailed knowledge of global markets and investment products, the quality of the relationships we have developed within our global network and of course our portfolio management expertise.

We present all the quality, specialization and broadness of larger institutions but operate in the lean and culturally sensitive way of a business model in total harmony with our clients and their interests.

Based in Lugano, we are at the heart of the Financial Market in Switzerland and we perform our activities within a robust compliance and governance framework while bringing a unique and remarkable understanding of the global financial markets.

Working in partnership with corporate service providers, professionals in tax and legal matters as well as with reputable financial institutions, we are an independent and client-focused partner delivering unbiased investment advice and services of the highest quality to entrepreneurs, top managers, wealthy retired individuals, and other high net worth individuals.

We are proud to work with clients from all around the world, residing in countries such as Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France and other locations in Europe, Russia and CIS as well as Emerging Countries.